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ACT Asphalt Maintenance Process:

Sealcoating and Prep: First, our maintenance crew flags and barricades any areas that need to be blocked off as they pull up to the job. Second, we trim the grass edges of the blacktop clearing them in order to completely seal all pavement surfaces. Third, we use industrial blowers and steel bristled brooms to get the surface completely clear of all debris. This is done to ensure superior adhesion of the sealer to the blacktop surface. Fourth, we treat any oil spots with IMPERIAL oil spot primer. This is done to make certain that the sealer will bond to these areas and protect the asphalt from further damage. Fifth, we perform an appropriate crack repair. Finally, we apply our custom blended GemSeal® sealer with TARMAX additive and silica sand.

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©2009 Asphalt Coating Technologies. All rights reserved for content on this site.