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Frequently Asked Questions:

When should I seal my asphalt?

You should seal 1-12 months after the new driveway or parking lot was installed. With Asphalt Coating Technologies’ products and methods you will only need to seal your asphalt every other to every 3rd or 4th year once you’re on our maintenance program.

Why should I maintain my asphalt?

You need to seal your asphalt. If you don’t, over time the substances such as sun, rain, snow, gas, oils, salt, etc. will quickly oxidize and deteriorate the surface. This will eventually cause the blacktop to unravel which leads to cracks and potholes.  If this happens, you will need patching or a complete replacement. You can avoid these costly problems by just doing a little maintenance.  When you seal your asphalt, you are sealing in all of the liquid asphalt and oils and at the same time repelling all of those damage causing substances.  With ACT, proper maintenance on your asphalt will protect it and keep it looking new for many years.

I received a less expensive quote from another sealcoat company, why are you more expensive?

All sealcoat products are not created equally and certainly not all sealcoat companies are created equally. We are serious about our products, our service and our reputation in the community.  If price is the only determining factor, ACT may not be for you.  ACT never cuts corners - we spend more time preparing the asphalt surface and cracks than the competition.  Our objective is simple:  to provide top quality workmanship and service to our clients.

Do you offer neighborhood discounts?

Yes. With the high cost of gas and labor, we can conserve time and money by avoiding travel time and pass along savings to you and your neighbors.

Asphalt Coating Technologies

Are all sealer products the same?

No! While many manufacturers produce “sealcoat”, the process, standards and compounds used in the making of sealcoat vary greatly. That is why ACT has chosen the premier manufacturer –GemSeal®.

I had a new driveway installed, should I have it sealed right away?

No. The pavement must lose some of its light oils and properly cure before you should apply sealer.  One to three months is generally enough time to cure the asphalt to accept sealer.  But don’t wait too long, either!  Newly installed, unsealed asphalt can absorb oil, gas and other chemicals or be damaged by winter weather before it’s treated. So don't wait more than a year.


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©2009 Asphalt Coating Technologies. All rights reserved for content on this site.