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ACT Product and Service Offering

Sealer: We use the highest quality commercial grade sealer on the market today: GemSeal®, with TARMAX R-100 latex modifier additive. This combination creates a tough protective skin over the asphalt that can double the life of your asphalt when applied with a scheduled maintenance program, about every 2 or 3 years depending upon traffic. GemSeal® is a 100% coal tar emulsion pavement sealer that resists oxidation from the sun, rain, snow, gas, oils, salt, etc.

Sealer Application Process: We provide the best workmanship possible by applying the sealer to your asphalt by hand, using specialized 3 and 4 foot professional sealcoat brushes.  This process is far superior to the spray-on techniques used by many other companies.

ACT Crack Repair: We use the highest quality crack repair method possible. ACT routes out all cracks between 1/8" - 3/8”. The crack is routed out to ½” wide, this is done in order to have a clean uniform crack for proper adhesion and to ensure there is enough material to seal and protect the crack through the long cold winters, especially through the freeze/thaw cycle. We then use a premium hot rubber material that we apply with a 3"crack banding applicator. This is the same method that is used on our state highways.

Striping: We use a Graco airless Line Lazer that lays the sharpest lines possible.  The material used is a commercial grade, fast drying, bright, high traffic paint.

Patching: We cut out and remove the damaged area, inspect the base, repair as necessary, compact base ready for hot mix asphalt, lay a minimum of 2 ½’ asphalt, and compact flush with the surrounding existing areas of the patch.

Asphalt Coating Technologies

Why ACT?

ACT has been maintaining asphalt investments since 1995
ACT is a family owned and operated business and fully insured
We offer scheduled maintenance programs and desire to be your asphalt maintenance partner
No job is too big or small
We pay attention to detail – our work is neat, clean, and precise
ACT sets the highest standard of quality and professionalism

We have worked hard to improve and refine the materials and techniques we use to seal, repair and maintain asphalt. We are confident that our customers will find our work of the highest quality, giving them the best value for their dollar, and delivering outstanding customer service in the process.

Know the Difference

©2009 Asphalt Coating Technologies. All rights reserved for all content on this site.

©2009 Asphalt Coating Technologies. All rights reserved for content on this site.